Md Yousuf Reja is a Geospatial Analyst at Texas Community Watershed Partners (TCWP). He develops and tests GIS methodologies for the CHARM mapping platform. His responsibilities include preparation for use in CHARM of state and federal datasets, geospatial analyses, and QA/QC procedures for CHARM data. He is versed in both ArcGIS and CommunityViz software, which he utilizes for community-based long-term community planning and risk analyses. In addition to GIS responsibilities, he also facilitates community workshops to help local officials and stakeholders understand risks specific to their communities and recognize the value of linking planning with a long-term vision for risk reduction. His research interests are in coastal resiliency planning, disaster and environmental research using geospatial technologies, urban planning, data visualization, and participatory planning. Prior to joining TCWP, Reja worked for the Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center as a post-graduate research assistant on wetland resiliency project. Reja worked as a CHARM GIS intern with TCWP for the last six months of his graduate studies at Texas A&M University. As a Graduate Research Assistant for the Center for Texas Beaches and Shores (CTBS), he performed research on hurricane recovery and ecological resilience.

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Academic Articles3
  • Reja, M. Y., Brody, S. D., Highfield, W. E., & Newman, G. D. (2017). Hurricane Recovery and Ecological Resilience: Measuring the Impacts of Wetland Alteration Post Hurricane Ike on the Upper TX Coast.. Environ Manage. (6), 1116-1126.
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  • Reja, M. Y., Brody, S. D., Highfield, W. E., & Newman, G. D. (2017). Understanding the Notion between Resiliency and Recovery through a Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Section 404 Wetland Alteration Permits before and after Hurricane Ike.. World Acad Sci Eng Technol. 11(4), 372-379.
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  • Shajahan, A., & Reja, M. Y. (2012). Riverbank Erosion and Sustainable Planning Guidelines for Bangladesh with Emphasis on Padma River. Journal of Habitat Engineering and Design. 4(2), 145-156.
Conference Papers2
  • Shajahan, A., & Reja, M. Y. (2011). Local adaptation processes to climate variability, towards living with floods in the Padma river bank areas: The case of Bangladesh. PLEA 2011 - Architecture and Sustainable Development, Conference Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture. 201-206.
  • Ansary, M. A., Reja, M. Y., & Jahan, I. (2010). Rethinking the public building as post disaster shelters - In the context of old Dhaka. 9th US National and 10th Canadian Conference on Earthquake Engineering 2010, Including Papers from the 4th International Tsunami Symposium. 6, 4215-4224.
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