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  • Albanese, B. J., Myers, U. S., Fox, H., & Wangelin, B. C. (2022). Reduced working memory performance in PTSD and suicide among veterans presenting for treatment.. J Psychiatr Res. 156, 299-307.
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  • Karnick, A. T., Fergerson, A. K., Caulfield, N. M., Buerke, M., Albanese, B. J., Schmidt, N. B., & Capron, D. W. (2022). Toward an integrative model of transdiagnostic risk factors and suicide: A network comparison of psychiatric outpatients.. J Psychiatr Res. 154, 252-260.
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  • Preston, T. J., Albanese, B. J., Schmidt, N. B., & Macatee, R. J. (2022). Impact of acute stress on neural indices of positive and negative reinforcement processing in cannabis users.. Psychol Addict Behav. 36(8), 1036-1047.
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  • Saulnier, K. G., Allan, N. P., Judah, M. R., Koscinski, B., Hager, N. M., Albanese, B., Knapp, A. A., & Schmidt, N. B. (2021). Attentional Control Moderates the Relations between Intolerance of Uncertainty and Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Symptoms.. Cognit Ther Res. 45(6), 1193-1201.
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  • Gallyer, A. J., Dougherty, S. P., Burani, K., Albanese, B. J., Joiner, T. E., & Hajcak, G. (2021). Suicidal thoughts, behaviors, and event-related potentials: A systematic review and meta-analysis.. Psychophysiology. 58(12), e13939.
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  • Schmidt, N. B., Short, N., Stanley, I., Allan, N., & Albanese, B. (2018). Anxiety Sensitivity. The Cambridge Handbook of Anxiety and Related Disorders. 121-162. Cambridge University Press (CUP).
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  • Schmidt, N. B., Capron, D., Raines, A., Albanese, B., Short, N., Mathes, B. M., ... Allan, N. P. (2022). Evaluating the Long-Term (Three Year) Durability of Brief Interventions Targeting Risk Factors for Psychopathology.
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  • Gallyer, A. J., Dougherty, S. P., Burani, K., Albanese, B. J., Joiner, T. E., & Hajcak, G. (2020). Suicidal Thoughts, Behaviors, and Event-Related Potentials: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
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