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  • Destoumieux-Garzn, D., Matthies-Wiesler, F., Bierne, N., Binot, A., Boissier, J., Devouge, A., ... Barouki, R. (2022). Getting out of crises: Environmental, social-ecological and evolutionary research is needed to avoid future risks of pandemics.. Environ Int. 106915-106915.
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  • Sande, P., Hansen, H. O., Forkman, B., van Horne, P., Houe, H., de Jong, I. C., ... Christensen, T. (2022). Market driven initiatives can improve broiler welfare - a comparison across five European countries based on the Benchmark method.. Poult Sci. (5), 101806-101806.
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  • Meyer, I., Forkman, B., Fredholm, M., Glanville, C., Guldbrandtsen, B., Izaguirre, E. R., Palmer, C., & Sandoe, P. (2022). Pampered pets or poor bastards? The welfare of dogs kept as companion animals. APPLIED ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR SCIENCE. 105640-105640.
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  • Palmer, C. (2022). The Value of Wild Nature: Comments on Kyle Johannsen's Wild Animal Ethics. PHILOSOPHIA. 50(3), 853-863.
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  • Palmer, C., & Fischer, B. (2021). Should Global Conservation Initiatives Prioritize Phylogenetic Diversity?. PHILOSOPHIA. 1-20.
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  • Rozzi, R., Pickett, S., Palmer, C., Armesto, J. J., & Callicott, J. B. (2013). Linking Ecology and Ethics for a Changing World. Springer Netherlands.
  • Palmer, C. (2010). Animal Ethics in Context. Columbia University Press.
  • Palmer, C. (1998). Environmental Ethics and Process Thinking. Oxford University Press.
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  • Palmer, C., & Taylor, B. (1997). Editorial Introduction. Brill Academic Publishers.
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  • Palmer, C. (2021). Should We Provide the Bear Necessities? Climate Change, Polar Bears and the Ethics of Supplemental Feeding. International Library of Environmental, Agricultural and Food Ethics. Animals in Our Midst: The Challenges of Co-existing with Animals in the Anthropocene. 377-398. Springer International Publishing.
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  • Palmer, C. (2020). THE LAISSEZ-FAIRE VIEW Why We're Not Normally Required to Assist Wild Animals. ROUTLEDGE HANDBOOK OF ANIMAL ETHICS. 444-454.
  • Palmer, C., & Sande, P. (2019). Zoos and Aquariums. International Encyclopedia of Ethics. 1-8. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
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  • Palmer, C. (2018). 25. The Moral Relevance of the Distinction Between Domesticated and Wild Animals. The Oxford Handbook of Animal Ethics. 701-726. Oxford University Press.
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  • Palmer, C. (2018). Climate Change, Ethics, and the Wildness of Wild Animals. International Library of Environmental, Agricultural and Food Ethics. ANIMAL ETHICS IN THE AGE OF HUMANS: BLURRING BOUNDARIES IN HUMAN-ANIMAL RELATIONSHIPS. 131-150. Springer International Publishing.
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Conference Papers7
  • Sande, P., Borchersen, S., Dean, W., Hyttel, P., Srensen, L. P., & Palmer, C. (2021). 50. Hornless cattle is gene editing the best solution?. Justice and food security in a changing climate, Justice and food security in a changing climate. 324-330.
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  • Palmer, C. (2021). Assisting Wild Animals Vulnerable to Climate Change: Why Ethical Strategies Diverge. JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHILOSOPHY. 38(2), 179-195.
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  • Gamborg, C., Sandoe, P., & Palmer, C. (2018). Ethical dilemmas of fertility control in wildlife - the case of white-tailed deer. PROFESSIONALS IN FOOD CHAINS, Professionals in food chains. 386-391.
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  • Palmer, C. (2018). Should we help wild animals suffering negative impacts from climate change?. PROFESSIONALS IN FOOD CHAINS, Professionals in food chains. 35-40.
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  • Palmer, C. (2013). Introduction to Environmental Philosophy: Ethics, Epistemology, Justice. LINKING ECOLOGY AND ETHICS FOR A CHANGING WORLD: VALUES, PHILOSOPHY, AND ACTION. 1, 187-189.
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