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Understanding dynamics and biogeochemistry of particle formation, sinking, resuspension, transport and deposition in the ocean from the continental shelf to the deep sea and from surface waters to the seafloor using satellite and in-situ measurements. Quantifying particulate organic carbon (POC) in the ocean through the development of algorithms from satellite ocean color that are sea-truthed with in-situ POC and transmissometer data to unravel global ocean processes of carbon recycling.

Improving geoscience educational opportunities through development of enhanced educational delivery methods, relevant curricula, international field-based learning, and improved undergraduate and graduate educational experiences.

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Academic Articles45
  • Gardner, W. D., Richardson, M. J., Mishonov, A. V., Lam, P. J., & Xiang, Y. (2022). Distribution, Sources, and Dynamics of Particulate Matter Along Trans-Arctic Sections. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-OCEANS. 127(6),
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  • Lerner, P., Marchal, O., Lam, P. J., Gardner, W., Richardson, M. J., & Mishonov, A. (2020). A model study of the relative influences of scavenging and circulation on Th-230 and Pa-231 in the western North Atlantic. DEEP-SEA RESEARCH PART I-OCEANOGRAPHIC RESEARCH PAPERS. 103159-103159.
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  • John, S. G., Liang, H., Weber, T., DeVries, T., Primeau, F., Moore, K., ... Taburet, G. (2020). AWESOME OCIM: A simple, flexible, and powerful tool for modeling elemental cycling in the oceans. CHEMICAL GEOLOGY. 533, 119403-119403.
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  • Gardner, W. D., Richardson, M. J., Mishonov, A. V., & Biscaye, P. E. (2019). Global comparison of benthic nepheloid layers based on 52 years of nephelometer and transmissometer measurements. PROGRESS IN OCEANOGRAPHY. 100-111.
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  • Gardner, W. D., Mishonov, A. V., & Richardson, M. J. (2018). Decadal Comparisons of Particulate Matter in Repeat Transects in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Ocean Basins. GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS. 45(1), 277-286.
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  • GARDNER, W. D., & RICHARDSON, M. J. (1992). PARTICLE EXPORT AND RESUSPENSION FLUXES IN THE WESTERN NORTH-ATLANTIC. Rowe, G. T., & Pariente, V. (Eds.), Deep-Sea Food Chains and the Global Carbon Cycle. 339-364. Springer Nature.
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Conference Papers1
  • Richardson, M., Chen, Y. M., & Sanborn, R (2007). Suncor FCC revamp - A win-win for the environment and FCC operation. NPRA Annual Meeting Technical Papers.
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