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Dr. Garay's research interests include both foundational and applied aspects of cryptography and information security. He has published extensively in the areas of cryptography, network security, distributed computing and algorithms. He has been involved in the design, analysis and implementation of a variety of secure systems, and is the recipient of over two dozen patents.

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  • Dolev, S., Garay, J. A., Gilboa, N., Kolesnikov, V., & Kumaramangalam, M. V. (2018). Perennial secure multi-party computation of universal Turing machine. Theoretical Computer Science.
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  • Garay, J. A., & Ostrovsky, R. (2017). Special Issue: Algorithmic Tools in Cryptography. Algorithmica. 79(4), 985-986.
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  • Garay, J. A., Kolesnikov, V., & Mclellan, R. (2016). MAC Precomputation with Applications to Secure Memory. ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security. 19(2), 1-21.
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  • Chandran, N., Garay, J. A., & Ostrovsky, R. (2015). Almost-Everywhere Secure Computation with Edge Corruptions. Journal of Cryptology. 28(4), 745-768.
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  • Dolev, S., Garay, J., Gilboa, N., Kolesnikov, V., & Yuditsky, Y. (2015). Towards efficient private distributed computation on unbounded input streams. Journal of Mathematical Cryptology. 9(2), 79-94.
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  • Perry, R. N., Moens, M., & Starr, J. L. (2009). Preface.
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