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My research focuses on adaptive control, parametric robust control, and genomic signal processing and control.

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  • Vundavilli, H., Datta, A., Sima, C., Hua, J., Lopes, R., & Bittner, M. (2019). Bayesian Inference Identifies Combination Therapeutic Targets in Breast Cancer. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING. 66(9), 2684-2692.
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  • Lahiri, A., Venkatasubramani, P. S., & Datta, A. (2019). Bayesian modeling of plant drought resistance pathway. BMC PLANT BIOLOGY. 19(1), 96.
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  • Sen, A., Al Kawam, A., & Datta, A. (2019). Emergence of DSS efforts in genomics: Past contributions and challenges. DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS. 116, 77-90.
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  • Ghaffari, N., Arshad, O. A., Jeong, H., Thiltges, J., Criscitiello, M. F., Yoon, B., Datta, A., & Johnson, C. D. (2018). Examining De Novo Transcriptome Assemblies via a Quality Assessment Pipeline. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. 15(2), 494-505.
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  • Katiyar, A., Mohanty, A., Hua, J., Chao, S., Lopes, R., Datta, A., & Bittner, M. L. (2018). A Bayesian approach to determine the composition of heterogeneous cancer tissue. BMC BIOINFORMATICS. 19(Suppl 3), 90.
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  • Datta, A., Ho, M., & Bhattacharyya, S. P. (2013). Structure and Synthesis of PID Controllers. Springer London.
  • Datta, A. (2012). Adaptive Internal Model Control. Springer Science %26 Business Media.
  • Bhattacharyya, S. P., Datta, A., & Keel, L. H. (2009). Linear control theory: Structure, robustness, and optimization.
  • Silva, G. J., Datta, A., & Bhattacharyya, S. P. (2007). PID Controllers for Time-Delay Systems. Springer Science %26 Business Media.
  • Datta, A., Choudhary, A., Bittner, M. L., & Dougherty, E. R. (2007). Modeling and control in cancer genomics. Modeling and Control of Complex Systems. (pp. 339-366).
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