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Assistant Professor

My expertise is in community-based research and evaluation, with an emphasis in ecological and systems approaches to public health problems. research has examined community-based approaches to cardiovascular disease prevention, teenage pregnancy prevention, maternal and child health, smoking cessation, access to mental health services, and physical activity in rural communities.

selected publications
Academic Articles21
  • Kim, C., Lunde, B., MacIsaac, L., Arden, M., Garney, W. R., Wilson, K. L., & Li, Y. (2021). Provision of contraceptive implants in school-based health centers: A cost-effectiveness analysis.. Contraception. 103(2), 107-112.
  • Garney, W. R., Patterson, M. S., Garcia, K., Muraleetharan, D., & McLeroy, K. (2020). Interorganizational network findings from a nationwide cardiovascular disease prevention initiative.. Eval Program Plann. 79, 101771-101771.
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  • Lautner, S., Garney, W., Nimmons, K., Macareno, B., Harvey, I. S., & Garcia, K (2019). Delivering Tobacco Cessation Through Community Health Workers: Curriculum and Training Considerations.. Fam Community Health. 42(3), 197-202.
  • Garney, W., Wilson, K., Nelon, J., Muraleetharan, D., McLeroy, K., & Baletka, D. (2019). Ecological Approaches to Teen Pregnancy Prevention: An Examination of Evidence-Based Interventions.. Health Promot Pract. 20(4), 494-501.
  • Garney, W. R., Wilson, K., Nelon, J. L., Hays, C., Garcia, K. M., Muraleetharan, D., Farmer, J., & McLeroy, K. (2019). Understanding innovation in health program planning and development.. Eval Program Plann. 73, 226-231.
  • Wendel, M. L., Alaniz, A., Kelly, B. N., Clark, H. R., Drake, K. N., Outley, C. W., ... Burdine, J. N. (2012). Capacity Building in Rural Communities. Crosby, R. A., Wendel, M. L., Vanderpool, R. C., & Casey, B. R. (Eds.), Rural Populations and Health Determinants, Disparities, and Solutions. 215-234. JOhn Wiley & Sons.
Conference Papers5
  • Esquivel, C. H., Garney, W. R., Nelon, J., & Garcia, K. M (2019). 171. A Process Evaluation of A Fitness Curriculum To Meet Physical Activity Policy Requirements: A Pilot Study. Journal of Adolescent Health. 64(2), S88-S88.
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  • Wilson, K. L., & Garney, W. R. (2018). Identifying Framerwork Components to Support the Development of Early Innovation in Teen Pregnancy Prevention. Journal of Adolescent Health. 62(2), S105-S105.
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  • Wilson, K. L., & Garney, W. R. (2017). Identifying Programmatic Themes in Emerging and Innovative Initiatives for Teenage Pregnancy Prevention. Journal of Adolescent Health. 60(2), S109-S109.
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