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  • Cline, K. M., Clement, V., Rock-Klotz, J., Kash, B. A., Steel, C., & Miller, T. R. (2020). Improving the cost, quality, and safety of perioperative care: A systematic review of the literature on implementation of the perioperative surgical home.. J Clin Anesth. 63, 109760-109760.
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  • Kash, B. A., Zhang, Y., Cline, K. M., Menser, T., & Miller, T. R. (2014). The perioperative surgical home (PSH): a comprehensive review of US and non-US studies shows predominantly positive quality and cost outcomes.. Milbank Q. 92(4), 796-821.
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  • Kash, B. A., Cline, K. M., Timmons, S., Roopani, R., & Miller, T. R. (2015). International comparison of preoperative testing and assessment protocols and best practices to reduce surgical care costs: a systematic literature review.. INTERNATIONAL BEST PRACTICES IN HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT. 161-194. Emerald.
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