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  • Gantz, F., Stroud, H., Fuller, J. C., Adams, K., Caltagirone, P. E., Ozcan, H., ... Benafan, O. (2022). Aerospace, Energy Recovery, and Medical Applications: Shape Memory Alloy Case Studies for CASMART 3rd Student Design Challenge. Shape Memory and Superelasticity. 8(2), 150-167.
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  • Phillips, F. R., White, T., Henry, T. C., Hrynuk, J. T., & Hartl, D. (2022). Three-Dimensional Uncoupled Fluid Structure Analysis of Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Wing. AIAA Journal. 1-16.
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  • Davis, A. M., Mirsayar, M. M., & Hartl, D. J. (2021). A novel structural health monitoring approach in concrete structures using embedded magnetic shape memory alloy components. Construction and Building Materials. 311, 125212-125212.
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  • Leal, P., Cabral-Seanez, M., Baliga, V. B., Altshuler, D. L., & Hartl, D. J. (2021). Phase transformation-driven artificial muscle mimics the multifunctionality of avian wing muscle. Journal of The Royal Society Interface. 18(184), 20201042.
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  • Peraza Hernandez, E. A., Hartl, D. J., & Lagoudas, D. C. (2019). Active Origami. Springer International Publishing.
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  • Hartl, D., Kiefer, B., & Menzel, A. (2013). Modeling Shape Memory Alloy Single Crystalline Responses Using an Anisotropic Yield Surface. TMS2013 Supplemental Proceedings. 975-986. John Wiley & Sons, Inc..
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  • Schick, J. R., Hartl, D. J., & Lagoudas, D. C. (2012). Incorporation of Shape Memory Alloy Actuators into Morphing Aerostructures. Morphing Aerospace Vehicles and Structures. 231-260. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
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  • Siddiq Qidwai, M. A., Hartl, D. J., & Lagoudas, D. C. (2008). Numerical Implementation of an SMA Thermomechanical Constitutive Model Using return Mapping Algorithms. Shape Memory Alloys. 189-231. Springer US.
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  • Hartl, D. J., & Lagoudas, D. C. (2008). Thermomechanical Characterization of Shape Memory Alloy Materials. Shape Memory Alloys. 53-119. Springer US.
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  • Qidwai, M., Lagoudas, D., & Hartl, D. J. (2008). Numerical Implementation of an SMA Thermomechan-ical Constitutive Model Using Return Mapping Algorithms,. Lagoudas, D. (Eds.), Shape Memory Alloys: Modeling and Engineering Applications,. 193-236. Springer.
Conference Papers143
  • Davis, A., Lee, B., Benedict, M., & Hartl, D. (2022). Biomimetic Adaptive Airframe Technologies (BAAT) for Rotorcraft Design and Optimization. Proceedings of the Vertical Flight Society 78th Annual Forum, Vertical Flight Society 78th Annual Forum & Technology Display. 1-13.
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  • Stroud, H. R., McMurray, J. A., & Hartl, D. J. (2022). Experimental framework toward 2D multiphysical model validation of components manufactured from multifunctional, degrading material. Behavior and Mechanics of Multifunctional Materials XVI, Behavior and Mechanics of Multifunctional Materials XVI. 12044, 120440c-120440c-9.
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  • Mingear, J. L., Allen, B. K., Zamarripa, J. J., & Hartl, D. J. (2022). Internal Liquid Metal Channels to Enable High Power Additively Manufactured SMA Actuators. SMST 2022: Extended Abstracts from the International Conference on Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies, SMST2022. 84291, 14-15.
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  • Schrass, J., Cate, J., Dean, J., & Hartl, D. J. (2022). Mixed Reality Wind Tunnel Visualizations. AIAA AVIATION 2022 Forum, AIAA AVIATION 2022 Forum.
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  • Phillips, F. R., White, T. D., Davis, A., & Hartl, D. J. (2022). Analysis of Rotor Blade Aeroelastic Deformation Utilizing the Uncoupled Static Aeroelastic Analysis Method. AIAA SCITECH 2022 Forum, AIAA SCITECH 2022 Forum.
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