Frequently Asked Questions

Which members of the TAMU community are included in Scholars@TAMU?

Scholars@TAMU represents the expertise of tenure-track, clinical, and instructional faculty at Texas A&M University and Health Science Center.

Why don't I see my department represented in Scholars@TAMU?

Scholars@TAMU is being gradually implemented. We are adding colleges and departments one at a time, as identified by the Dean of Faculties. If you have questions about this process, please contact the team.

How is data added to Scholars@TAMU?

Data is automatically gathered from a number of sources and aggregated by the VIVO software. Faculty can manually update information in their profiles using the profile editor, to learn more see the Updates in Scholars@TAMU section above.

How often is Scholars@TAMU publication data updated?

Publication information is updated automatically once a two weeks. If a faculty member would like to manually add a publication or change publication information, they can make a request while editing their profile.

Can I change information in my Scholars@TAMU profile?

Yes, log in to the editor. Click Update Profile at the top of the page and log in with your TAMU NetId and password. For guidance, see the Using the Profile Editor section above.