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Professor, Michel T. Halbouty Chair

My research interests span topics in structural geology, mineral physics, and solid earth geophysics with emphasis placed on the mechanical properties of Earth materials and the deformation mechanisms that govern rheology. Specific research topics have addressed the

plasticity, creep, and failure of minerals and rocks, examining the roles of crystalline defects, grain boundaries, interfaces, and fluids in determining macroscopic behavior. Taking an experimental approach, I have examined the effects of fluids, defect chemistry, and diffusional kinetics on mechanical behavior with current studies including the deformation of carbonates,

compactional creep of porous quartz aggregates, the role of crack healing in restrengthening rocks, and hydrolytic weakening of silicates.

selected publications
Academic Articles50
  • Kilian, R., Heilbronner, R., III, H., Kronenberg, A. K., & Stunitz, H. (2016). Dislocation creep of dry quartz. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth. 121(5), 3278-3299.
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  • Jr, G., Kronenberg, A., Couzens-Schultz, B. A., & Newman, J. (2014). Fluids and structures in fold and thrust belts with recognition of the work of David Wiltschko. JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY. 69(PB), 281-283.
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  • III, H., Kronenberg, A. K., & Newman, J. (2014). Microstructural evolution during strain localization in dolomite aggregates. JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY. 69(PB), 449-464.
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  • Holyoke, C. W., Kronenberg, A. K., Newman, J., & Ulrich, C. (2014). Rheology of magnesite. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth. 119(8), 6534-6557.
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  • III, H., Kronenberg, A. K., & Newman, J. (2013). Dislocation creep of polycrystalline dolomite. TECTONOPHYSICS. 590, 72-82.
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  • Kronenberg, A. K., Segall, P., & Wolf, G. H. (1990). Hydrolytic weakening and penetrative deformation within a natural shear zone. Geophysical Monograph Series. The Brittle‐Ductile Transition in Rocks. (pp. 21-36). American Geophysical Union.
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