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My research focuses on climate variability, climate predictability, and model development. I am

most interested in research that has immediate applications to societal needs. For instance, by

providing decision makers with improved predictions of the timing and amount of precipitation for

the rainy season, they can make better informed decisions that impact global food security,

electricity generation, and water management.

The prediction of monsoon systems and monsoon representation in climate models remains a

challenge. My research has been focused on understanding the sources of monsoon variability

and investigating ways of improving the prediction of monsoon systems. I work on problems

related to atmospheric convection on range of timescales: from convective parameterization

issues to sub-seasonal and seasonal predictability. In my research I make use of regional

atmospheric models and global coupled climate models as well as multivariate analysis.

selected publications
Academic Articles17
  • Bombardi, R. J., & Boos, W. R (2021). Explaining Globally Inhomogeneous Future Changes in Monsoons Using Simple Moist Energy Diagnostics. Journal of Climate. 34(21), 8615-8634.
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  • Ford, V. L., Frauenfeld, O. W., Nowotarski, C. J., & Bombardi, R. J. (2021). Effective sea ice area based on a thickness threshold. Climate Dynamics. 56(11-12), 3541-3552.
  • Bombardi, R. J., Moron, V., & Goodnight, J. S (2020). Detection, variability, and predictability of monsoon onset and withdrawal dates: A review. International Journal of Climatology. 40(2), 641-667.
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  • Bombardi, R. J., Kinter, J. L., & Frauenfeld, O. W. (2019). A Global Gridded Dataset of the Characteristics of the Rainy And Dry Seasons. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. 100(7), 1315-1328.
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  • Dirmeyer, P. A., Halder, S., & Bombardi, R (2018). On the Harvest of Predictability From Land States in a Global Forecast Model. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 123(23), 13-127.
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  • Bombardi, R. J., Tawfik, A. B., Marx, L., Dirmeyer, P. A., & Kinter III, J. L (2019). Convection Initiation in Climate Models Using the Heated Condensation Framework: A Review. Springer Atmospheric Sciences. 51-70. Springer Singapore.
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Conference Papers1
  • Morales Rodriguez, C. A., da Rocha, R. P., & Bombardi, R (2010). On the development of summer thunderstorms in the city of São Paulo: Mean meteorological characteristics and pollution effect. Atmospheric Research. 96(2-3), 477-488.
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