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My research focuses on studying ocean circulation and transports; ocean climate and its variability from seasonal to decadal scales; convection near continental margins and ocean interior, deep overflows; interpretation of tracer distributions on mesoscale to global, direct current measurements; development of hydrographic database and online atlas; and Ocean Observing Systems: GOOS, SOOS.

selected publications
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  • Flexas, M. M., Schodlok, M. P., Padman, L., Menemenlis, D., & Orsi, A. H. (2015). Role of tides on the formation of the Antarctic Slope Front at the Weddell-Scotia Confluence. Journal of Geophysical Research Oceans. 120(5), 3658-3680.
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  • Talley, L. D., Koltermann, K. P., Gouretski, V. V., Jancke, K., Orsi, A. H., Whitworth, T., ... Schlitzer, R. (2014). Atlases Give Global Snapshot of Oceans in the 1990s. OCEANS 2011. 95(12), 101-102.
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  • Kim, Y. S., & Orsi, A. H. (2014). On the Variability of Antarctic Circumpolar Current Fronts Inferred from 1992-2011 Altimetry. Journal of Physical Oceanography. 44(12), 3054-3071.
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  • Ducklow, H., Orsi, A., & Wellner, J. S. (2012). Antarctic oceanography in a changing world. OCEANOGRAPHY. 25(3), 14-17.
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  • Arneborg, L., Wahlin, A. K., Bjork, G., Liljebladh, B., & Orsi, A. H. (2012). Persistent inflow of warm water onto the central Amundsen shelf. NATURE GEOSCIENCE. 5(12), 876-880.
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  • Swift, J. H., & Orsi, A. H. (2012). Sixty-Four Days of Hydrography and Storms: RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer's 2011 S04P Cruise. OCEANOGRAPHY. 25(3), 54-55.
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  • Jr, S., Sedwick, P. N., Arrigo, K. R., Ainley, D. G., & Orsi, A. H. (2012). THE ROSS SEA IN A SEA OF CHANGE. OCEANOGRAPHY. 25(3), 90-103.
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  • Downes, S. M., Key, R. M., Orsi, A. H., Speer, K. G., & Swift, J. H. (2012). Tracing Southwest Pacific Bottom Water Using Potential Vorticity and Helium-3. Journal of Physical Oceanography. 42(12), 2153-2168.
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  • Orsi, A. H. (2010). OCEANOGRAPHY Recycling bottom waters. NATURE GEOSCIENCE. 3(5), 307-309.
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  • Garzoli, S. L., Garzoli, S. L., Garzoli, S. L., Garzoli, S. L., Garzoli, S. L., Garzoli, S. L., ... Garzoli, S. L. (2010). Progressing Towards Global Sustained Deep Ocean Observations. 2,
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  • Rintoul, S. R., Church, J., Fahrbach, E., Garcia, M., Gordon, A., King, B., ... Speer, K. (2001). Monitoring and understanding Southern Ocean variability and its impact on climate: a strategy for sustained observations. Koblinsky, C. J., & Smith, N. R. (Eds.), Observing the Oceans in the 21st Century. (pp. 486-508). GODAE Project Office/Bureau of Meteorology.
  • Whitworth, T., Orsi, A. H., Kim, S., Nowlin, W. D., & Locarnini, R. A. (1998). Water Masses and Mixing Near the Antarctic Slope Front. Ocean, Ice, and Atmosphere: Interactions at the Antarctic Continental Margin. (pp. 1-27). American Geophysical Union.
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