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  • Colbert, C. Y., Graham, L., West, C., White, B. A., Arroliga, A. C., Myers, J. D., ... Clark, J. (2015). Teaching metacognitive skills: helping your physician trainees in the quest to 'know what they don't know'.. Am J Med. 128(3), 318-324.
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  • Wehbe-Janek, H., Lenzmeier, C. R., Ogden, P. E., Lambden, M. P., Sanford, P., Herrick, J., ... Colbert, C. Y. (2012). Nurses' perceptions of simulation-based interprofessional training program for rapid response and code blue events.. J Nurs Care Qual. 27(1), 43-50.
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  • Friedlander, M. J., Andrews, L., Armstrong, E. G., Aschenbrenner, C., Kass, J. S., Ogden, P., Schwartzstein, R., & Viggiano, T. R. (2011). What can medical education learn from the neurobiology of learning?. Acad Med. 86(4), 415-420.
  • Colbert, C. Y., Ogden, P. E., Ownby, A. R., & Bowe, C. (2011). Systems-based practice in graduate medical education: systems thinking as the missing foundational construct.. Teach Learn Med. 23(2), 179-185.
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  • Colbert, C. Y., Ogden, P. E., Lowe, D., & Moffitt, M. J. (2010). Students learn systems-based care and facilitate system change as stakeholders in a free clinic experience.. Adv Health Sci Educ Theory Pract. 15(4), 533-545.