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My research and scholarly interests are broadly in the area of diversity and social Justice, but more specifically centered around issues of race and racism, and the (under)representation, experiences, and overall well-being of historically marginalized groups in sport industry organizations and other relevant contexts.

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  • Singer, J. N., Agyemang, K., Chen, C., Walker, N. A., & Melton, E. N. (2022). What Is Blackness to Sport Management? Manifestations of Anti-Blackness in the Field. Journal of Sport Management. 36(3), 215-227.
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  • Cunningham, G. B., Dixon, M. A., Singer, J. N., Oshiro, K. F., Ahn, N. Y., & Weems, A. (2021). A Site to Resist and Persist: Diversity, Social Justice, and the Unique Nature of Sport. Journal of Global Sport Management. 6(1), 30-48.
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  • Oshiro, K. F., Weems, A. J., & Singer, J. N. (2021). Cyber Racism Toward Black Athletes: A Critical Race Analysis of Online Brand Community. Communication & Sport. (6), 911-933.
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  • Vadeboncoeur, J. D., Bopp, T., & Singer, J. N. (2021). Is Reflexivity Enough? Addressing Reflexive Embodiment, Power, and Whiteness in Sport Management Research. Journal of Sport Management. 35(1), 30-43.
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  • Turick, R., Weems, A., Swim, N., Bopp, T., & Singer, J. N. (2021). Who Are We Honoring? Extending the Ebony & Ivy Discussion to Include Sport Facilities. Journal of Sport Management. 35(1), 17-29.
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  • Singer, J. N., Weems, A. J., & Garner, J. R. (2017). Fraternal Twins: Critical Race Theory and Systemic Racism Theory as Analytic and Activist Tools for College Sport Reform. Critical Race Theory: Black Athletic Sporting Experiences in the United States. 11-55. Palgrave Macmillan US.
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  • Weems, A. J., & Singer, J. N. (2017). Racial Barriers in Eurocentric Sport(ing) Institutions Countering the White Racial Frame. Systemic Racism. 285-306. Palgrave Macmillan US.
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  • Singer, J. N. (2015). The miseducation of African American male college athletes. Introduction to Intercollegiate Athletics. 193-206.
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