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Academic Articles31
  • Wachsmann, S. A. (2004). The Forum: Minoan Oarsmen. Archaeology Odyssey. 7(6), 8.
  • Wachsmann, S. A. (2003). Ancient Ships: An Iconographical Tale. Archaeology Odyssey. 6(1), 24-25.
  • Wachsmann, S. A. (2003). Teaching GLM Concepts: Explicating the Connections. Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections. 2(3), 31-41.
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  • Wachsmann, S. A. (2003). The Forum: Hatshepsut’s Journey to Punt. Archaeology Odyssey. 6(3), 10-11.
  • Wachsmann, S. (2002). Sailing into Egypt's past. ARCHAEOLOGY. 55(4), 36-39.
  • Wachsmann, S. A. (2013). To the Sea of the Phylistines. Oren, E. D. (Eds.), The Sea Peoples and Their World A Reassessment. (pp. 103-143). University of Pennsylvania Press.
  • Wachsmann, S. (2012). Deep-Submergence Archaeology. The Oxford Handbook of Maritime Archaeology. (pp. 202-231). Oxford University Press.
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Conference Papers2
  • Faulk, K. L., Fucik, K., Varmer, O., & Wachsmann, S. (2017). Towards a global public-private protection model. Offshore Technology Conference, Proceedings. 6, 4610-4614.
  • Wachsmann, S. (1992). IVth International Symposium on Ship Construction in Antiquity, Athens. The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology. 21(2), 159-161.
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