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Academic Articles6
  • Hong, Y. A., Goldberg, D., Ory, M. G., Towne, S. D., Forjuoh, S. N., Kellstedt, D., & Wang, S. (2015). Efficacy of a Mobile-Enabled Web App (iCanFit) in Promoting Physical Activity Among Older Cancer Survivors: A Pilot Study.. JMIR Cancer. 1(1), e7-e7.
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  • Forjuoh, S. N., Ory, M. G., Wang, S., des Bordes, J. K., & Hong, Y. (2014). Using the iPod Touch for Patient Health Behavior Assessment and Health Promotion in Primary Care.. JMIR Mhealth Uhealth. 2(1), e14-e14.
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  • Hong, Y., Ory, M. G., Lee, C., Wang, S., Pulczinksi, J., & Forjuoh, S. N. (2012). Walking and neighborhood environments for obese and overweight patients: perspectives from family physicians.. Fam Med. 44(5), 336-341.
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  • Forjuoh, S. N., Lee, C., Wang, S., Hong, Y., & Ory, M. G. (2012). Family physicians perception on environmental influences in promoting physical activity in their obese patients. Open Journal of Preventive Medicine. 02(04), 423-428.
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  • Forjuoh, S. N., Lee, C., Wang, S., Hong, Y., & Ory, M. G. (2011). Patient-physician discussion of physical activity and environmental barriers.. Prev Med. 53(3), 209-210.
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Conference Papers1
  • Towne, S. D., Won, J., Lee, S., Ory, M. G., Forjuoh, S., Wang, S., & Lee, C. (2015). USING WALK SCORE T AND NEIGHBORHOOD PERCEPTIONS TO ASSESS WALKING AMONG OLDER ADULTS. GERONTOLOGIST. 55, 773-774.
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