My research interests include supply chain management, optimization, and finance.

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Academic Articles29
  • Le, T., Stauffer, J. M., Shetty, B., & Sriskandarajah, C. (2021). An Optimization Framework for Analyzing Dual-Donor Organ Exchange.
  • Majumdar, M., Agrawal, A., Shetty, B., & Sriskandarajah, C. (2020). Safety Stock Allocation in an Online Retailing Network: A Stochastic Optimization Approach.
  • Demirezen, E. M., Kumar, S., & Shetty, B. (2016). Managing Co-Creation in Information Technology Projects: A Differential Games Approach. 27(3), 517-537.
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  • Bretthauer, K. M., Shetty, B., Syam, S., & Vokurka, R. J. (2006). Production and inventory management under multiple resource constraints. 44(1-2), 85-95.
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  • Mulvey, J. M., & Shetty, B. (2004). Financial planning via multi-stage stochastic optimization. 31(1), 1-20.
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Conference Papers2
  • Demirezen, E. M., Kumar, S., & Shetty, B. (2012). Co-Production and Co-Creation of Value: A Differential Games Approach. 1, 4757-4766.
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  • Bretthauer, K., Haylett, J., Shetty, B., Vokurka, R., INST, D., & INST, D. (1997). Resource constrained order quantities and inventory management. 3, 1326-1328.
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