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Gerard Kyle earned his undergraduate degree in psychology with an emphasis in park and protected area management from the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia). His masters and PhD work continued this line of inquiry at The Pennsylvania State University where he graduated in 2001. His current research grows from this base. This research addresses an array of questions that provide insight on people's propensity to adopt behaviors that reduce their carbon footprint, protect biodiversity, promote stewardship, and support the protection and development of green infrastructure and the ecosystem services they afford. He was editor of the journal Leisure Sciences from 2013 to 2016 and is currently an Associate Editor for the journals Environment and Behavior, Society and Natural Resources, and the Human Dimensions of Wildlife.

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Academic Articles96
  • Ghasemi, B., & Kyle, G. T. (2022). On the relationship between hunters and pro-environmental intent. Human Dimensions of Wildlife. 27(2), 116-133.
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  • Kelly Hoffman, J., Kyle, G. T., Treadwell, M. L., Patrick Bixler, R., & Kreuter, U. P. (2021). A Process-Oriented Model of Decision-Making toward Landscape-Scale Prescribed Fire Implementation in the Southern Great Plains, USA. Environmental Management. 68(6), 802-813.
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  • Larson, L. R., Peterson, M. N., Furstenberg, R. V., Vayer, V. R., Lee, K. J., Choi, D. Y., ... Woosnam, K. M. (2021). The future of wildlife conservation funding: What options do U.S. college students support?. Conservation Science and Practice. 3(10),
  • Smith, W. E., Kyle, G. T., & Sutton, S. (2021). Using a styles of participation self-classification measure to characterize highly specialized anglers. Human Dimensions of Wildlife. 1-17.
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  • Kyle, G. (2014). Place-Related Measures. Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research. 4816-4819. Springer Netherlands.
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  • Theodori, G. L., & Kyle, G. T. (2013). Community, Place, and Conservation. Place-Based Conservation. 59-70. Springer Netherlands.
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  • Lee, J., & Kyle, G. (2012). Chapter 5: Structural Equation Modeling. Handbook of Research Methods in Tourism.
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  • Lee, J. J., & Kyle, G. (2012). Structural Equation Modeling. Handbook of Research Methods in Tourism: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches. 91-112. Edward Elgar Publishing.
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Conference Papers11
  • Absher, J. D., & Kyle, G. T. (2006). A deconstruction of the I-M-L commitment segmentation of forest recreationists. PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2006 NORTHEASTERN RECREATION RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM. (P-14), 42-+.
  • Hammitt, W. E., Kyle, G. T., & Absher, J. (2006). Camper choice behavior for three proximal sites. PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2006 NORTHEASTERN RECREATION RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM. (P-14), 584-+.
  • Jun, J., Kyle, G., & O'Leary, J. T. (2006). Perceived constraints to art museum attendance. PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2006 NORTHEASTERN RECREATION RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM. (P-14), 459-+.
  • Kyle, G., Absher, J., & Hammitt, W. (2005). An examination of the motivation - Enduring involvement relationship. Porceedings of the 2005 Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium. 341, 238-246.
  • Cavin, D. A., Cavin, J. K., Kyle, G., & Absher, J. (2004). Campers across the recreation opportunity spectrum: A comparative examination. Proceedings of the 2004 Northeastern Recreation Research Symposium. 326, 39-45.
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