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Webb, Robert individual record

My research interests are in experimental high-energy particle physics; searching for super heavy GUT magnetic monopoles in cosmic rays using the MACRO detector at the Gran Sasso Laboratory; studies of proton-antiproton interactions at the Fermilab Collider and the design of new high performance detectors.

selected publications
Academic Articles427
  • Akerib, D. S., Akerlof, C. W., Alsum, S. K., Angelides, N., Araújo, H. M., Armstrong, J. E., ... Yin, J. (2020). Measurement of the Gamma Ray Background in the Davis Cavern at the Sanford Underground Research Facility. ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS. 116, 102391-102391.
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  • Akerib, D. S., Akerlof, C. W., Alsum, S. K., Araújo, H. M., Arthurs, M., Bai, X., ... Young, I. (2020). Projected WIMP sensitivity of the LUX-ZEPLIN dark matter experiment. PHYSICAL REVIEW D. 101(5), 052002.
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  • Akerib, D. S., Alsum, S., Araújo, H. M., Bai, X., Balajthy, J., Baxter, A., ... Zhang, C. (2020). Extending light WIMP searches to single scintillation photons in LUX. PHYSICAL REVIEW D. 101(4), 042001.
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  • Akerib, D. S., Alsum, S., Araújo, H. M., Bai, X., Balajthy, J., Baxter, A., ... Zhang, C. (2020). Improved modeling of β electronic recoils in liquid xenon using LUX calibration data. Journal of Instrumentation. 15(02), t02007-t02007.
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  • Akerib, D. S., Akerlof, C. W., Akimov, D. Y., Alquahtani, A., Alsum, S. K., Anderson, T. J., ... Zhang, C. (2020). The LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) experiment. Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A. 953, 163047-163047.
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Conference Papers21
  • Gui, M., Brookes, D., David, A., Diaczenko, N., Goss, T. L., Huson, F. R., ... Suson, D. (1995). Liquid scintillating fiber calorimetry prototype. IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science. 42(4), 474-477.
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  • Webb, R. C., Cohn, L. M., Taylor, E. W., & Greenwell, R. A. (1995). Overview of radiation effects research in photonics. MATHEMATICAL MODELING AND ESTIMATION TECHNIQUES IN COMPUTER VISION. 2482, 3-15.
  • GUI, M., LU, Y., WEBB, R., WHITE, J. T., & SUSON, D. (1994). Liquid scintillating fiber calorimetry prototype. 1, 18-21.
  • Webb, R. C., & Beuchel, B. E. (1992). Graded approach to setpoint calculation programs. Instrumentation in the Power Industry, Proceedings. 35, 487-496.
  • Alverson, G., Ayer, F., Bhanot, G., Dautat, H., Dunn, W. L., Dye, S., ... Yacout, A. M. (1991). TEXAS: a calorimeter-based high-rate detector for the SSC. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms. 56(PART 2), 948-951.
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