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My research interests are in experimental high-energy particle physics; searching for super heavy GUT magnetic monopoles in cosmic rays using the MACRO detector at the Gran Sasso Laboratory; studies of proton-antiproton interactions at the Fermilab Collider and the design of new high performance detectors.

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  • Dafni, T., Álvarez, V., Bandac, I., Bettini, A., Borges, F., Camargo, M., ... Yahlali, N. (2016). Results of the material screening program of the NEXT experiment. NUCLEAR AND PARTICLE PHYSICS PROCEEDINGS. 273, 2666-2668.
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  • Cebrián, S., Pérez, J., Bandac, I., Labarga, L., Álvarez, V., Barrado, A. I., ... Yahlali, N. (2015). Radon and material radiopurity assessment for the NEXT double beta decay experiment. WORKSHOP ON DARK MATTER, UNIFICATION AND NEUTRINO PHYSICS (CETUP 2012). 1672, 060002.
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  • Bradley, A., Akerib, D. S., Araújo, H. M., Bai, X., Bailey, A. J., Balajthy, J., ... Zhang, C. (2015). Radon-related Backgrounds in the LUX Dark Matter Search. Physics Procedia. 61, 658-665.
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  • Akerib, D. S., Araújo, H. M., Bai, X., Bailey, A. J., Balajthy, J., Bernard, E., ... Zhang, C. (2015). The LUX Experiment. Physics Procedia. 61, 74-76.
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  • Álvarez, V., Borges, F., Cárcel, S., Castel, J., Cebrián, S., Cervera, A., ... Ruiz, E. (2014). Characterization of a medium size Xe/TMA TPC instrumented with microbulk Micromegas, using low-energy γ-rays. Journal of Instrumentation. 9(04), c04015-C04015.
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