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Current ongoing projects are mostly focused on the Lymphatic Physiology of Metabolic Systems. Herein, we are utilizing an extensive toolkit of genetic mouse models and physiologically-relevant in vitro systems to identify how changes in lymphatic biology impact metabolite transport and whole animal metabolism. Other projects use our toolkit in identifying factors driving the pathology of lymphatic diseases such as generalized lymphatic anomalies (GLA) and lymphedema. Additional collaborative efforts employ our models in renal and pulmonary health.

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  • de Seigneux, S., Courbebaisse, M., Rutkowski, J. M., Wilhelm-Bals, A., Metzger, M., Khodo, S. N., ... Feraille, E. (2015). Proteinuria Increases Plasma Phosphate by Altering Its Tubular Handling. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF NEPHROLOGY. 26(7), 1608-1618.
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  • Rutkowski, J. M., Stern, J. H., & Scherer, P. E. (2015). The cell biology of fat expansionThe cell biology of fat expansion. J Cell Biol. 208(5), 501-512.
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  • Rutkowski, J. M., Halberg, N., Wang, Q. A., Holland, W. L., Xia, J. Y., & Scherer, P. E. (2014). Differential transendothelial transport of adiponectin complexes. Cardiovascular Diabetology. 13(1), 47-47.
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  • Rutkowski, J. M., & Scherer, P. E. (2014). Chapter Thirteen Isolation and Quantitation of Adiponectin Higher Order Complexes. GUIDE TO TECHNIQUES IN MOUSE DEVELOPMENT, PT A: MICE, EMBRYOS, AND CELLS, 2ND EDITION. 537, 243-259.
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  • Gautron, L., Rutkowski, J. M., Burton, M. D., Wei, W., Wan, Y., & Elmquist, J. K. (2013). Neuronal and nonneuronal cholinergic structures in the mouse gastrointestinal tract and spleen. JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE NEUROLOGY. 521(16), 3741-3767.
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