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My primary field of study is in public finance. I also have interest in urban and spatial economics.

selected publications
Academic Articles29
  • Gronberg, T. J., Jansen, D. W., & Taylor, L. L. (2017). Are Charters the Best Alternative? A Cost Frontier Analysis of Alternative Education Campuses in Texas. Southern Economic Journal. 83(3), 721-743.
  • Gronberg, T. J., & Peng, H. (2014). Changes in the Threshold Uncertainty in a Simultaneous Subscription Game. Theoretical Economics Letters. 04(04), 263-269.
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  • Asava-vallobh, N., Gronberg, T. J., & Jansen, D. W. (2013). Introducing a new DEA methodology for environmental inputs. Applied Economics Letters. 20(17), 1592-1595.
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  • Gronberg, T. J., Luccasen, R. A., Turocy, T. L., & Van Huyck, J. B. (2012). Are tax-financed contributions to a public good completely crowded-out? Experimental evidence. Journal of Public Economics. 96(7-8), 596-603.
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  • Gronberg, T. J., Jansen, D. W., & Taylor, L. L. (2012). The relative efficiency of charter schools: A cost frontier approach. Economics of Education Review. 31(2), 302-317.
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  • Gronberg, T. J. (2006). Improving School Accountability Check-ups Or Choice. Elsevier.
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  • Gronberg, T. J., Jansen, D. W., & Naufal, G. S. (2006). Efficiency and Performance in Texas Public Schools. Advances in Applied Microeconomics. Gronberg, T. J., & Jansen, D. W. (Eds.), Advances in Applied Microeconomics. 81-101. Emerald (MCB UP ).
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  • Gronberg, T. J., & Saving, T. R. (1993). Measuring the Cost and Benefits of Import Fees. Ohta, H., & Thisse, J. (Eds.), Does Economic Space Matter?. 207-228. Palgrave Macmillan UK.
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