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My interests are British Literature of the Nineteenth Century, Art and Literature, Philosophy and Literature, Textual Studies, and Film.

selected publications
Academic Articles11
  • Hoagwood, T. (2016). Countee Cullen's CHRIST RECRUCIFIED. Explicator. 74(4), 244-246.
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  • Hoagwood, T. (2015). Claude McKay's BATTLE. Explicator. 73(1), 43-45.
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  • Hoagwood, T. (2014). Multiple makers: The Best Years of Our Lives. Journal of Adaptation in Film & Performance. 7(1), 9-25.
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  • Hoagwood, T. (2010). Claude McKay's Harlem shadows. Explicator. 68(1), 51-54.
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  • Hoagwood, T. (2007). The textualizing of sound: Romantic-period pseudo-songs. Wordsworth Circle. 38(3), 100-104.
  • Hoagwood, T. A. (2012). Lyrical Drama. Burwick, F., Goslee, N. M., & Hoeveler, D. L. (Eds.), The Encyclopedia of Romantic Literature. (pp. 817-821). Wiley-blackwell.
  • Hoagwood, T. A. (2004). Joseph Priestley. Murray, C. J. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of the Romantic Era L - Z, Index. 2. (pp. 951-953). Fitzroy Dearborn.
  • Hoagwood, T. A. (2001). Elizabeth Inchbald, Joanna Baillie, and Revolutionary Representation in the ‘Romantic’ Period. Craciun, A., & Lokke, K. E. (Eds.), Rebellious Hearts British Women Writers and the French Revolution. (pp. 293-316). SUNY Press.
  • Hoagwood, T. A. (1995). Keats, fictionality and finance: The Fall of Hyperion. Roe, N. (Eds.), Keats and History. (pp. 127-142). Cambridge University Press.
  • Hoagwood, T. A. (1995). The Poetry of Ellen Glasgow. Scura, D. M. (Eds.), Ellen Glasgow New Perspectives. (pp. 59-73). Univ. of Tennessee Press.
Conference Papers1
  • Hoagwood, T. (2013). Foundational fiction in William Wyler's dead end. Literature-Film Quarterly. 41(1), 19-28.
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