Liu, Zao individual record
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Academic Articles13
  • Liu, Z. (2019). Fusion into One: Exploring the Complementarity of Shitaos Waterfall on Mount Lu and Its Inscribed Poem. International Journal of Comparative Literature and Translation Studies; Vol 7, No 2 (2019).
  • Liu, Z. (2016). Taoist Doctrine in Tao Yuanmings Poetry. Studies in Literature and Language. (3),
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  • Liu, Z. (2015). Michel de Montaignes Contributions to Cultural Anthropology. Cross-Cultural Communication. (10),
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  • Liu, Z (2013). A Semiotic Interpretation of Sense-making in Information Seeking. Library Philosophy and Practice.
  • Wan, G. G., & Liu, Z. (2010). Knowing your users: the value of article database usage analysis. LEARNED PUBLISHING. 23(3), 225-236.
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  • Wan, G. G., & Liu, Z. (2008). Content-based information retrieval and digital libraries. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND LIBRARIES. 27(1), 41-47.
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  • Liu, Z., & Wan, G (2007). Scholarly Journal Articles on Open Access in LIS Literature: A Content Analysis. Chinese Librarianship. 23,
  • Liu, Z. (2007). Scholarly communication in educational psychology: a journal citation analysis. COLLECTION BUILDING. 26(4), 112-118.
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  • Liu, Z., & Wang, C. Z. (2005). Mapping interdisciplinarity in demography: a journal network analysis. JOURNAL OF INFORMATION SCIENCE. 31(4), 308-316.
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