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Dr. Shannon Van Zandt's scholarship focuses on the intersection of affordable housing with disaster impacts, resilience, and recovery, with particular interest in how residential land use patterns exacerbate or mitigate exposure to natural hazards, specifically flooding. She has served as PI or co-PI on nearly $4 million in external funding from the NSF, the National Institute of Standards & Technology, the Army Corps of Engineers, and others. She is an author of the 2014 book, Planning for Community Resilience: A Handbook for Reducing Vulnerability to Disasters, along with more than 45 other journal articles, book chapters, and technical reports. In Texas, Dr. Van Zandt serves on the board of Texas Housers, one of the nation's premiere advocacy organizations for low-income housing, and an active advocate for housing recovery after Hurricanes Ike, Dolly, and now Harvey.

selected publications
Academic Articles41
  • Fereshtehnejad, E., Gidaris, I., Rosenheim, N., Tomiczek, T., Padgett, J. E., Cox, D. T., Van Zandt, S., & Gillis Peacock, W. (2021). Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Coupled Natural-Physical-Social Systems: Cascading Impact of Hurricane-Induced Damages to Civil Infrastructure in Galveston, Texas. Natural Hazards Review. 22(3), 04021013-04021013.
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  • Woodruff, S., Tran, T., Lee, J., Wilkins, C., Newman, G., Ndubisi, F., & Van Zandt, S. (2021). Green infrastructure in comprehensive plans in coastal Texas. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. 64(9), 1578-1598.
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  • Jourdan, D., Lee, C., Li, W., Newman, G., & Zandt, S. V. (2021). The Necessary Role of Planning Practice and Scholarship in the Age of Uncertainty. Journal of Planning Education and Research. 41(2), 134-134.
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  • Hamideh, S., Peacock, W. G., & Zandt, S. V. (2021). Housing type matters for pace of recovery: Evidence from Hurricane Ike. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. 57(Int. J. Mass Emergencies Disasters 5 1 1987), 102149-102149.
  • Masterson, J. H., Peacock, W. G., Van Zandt, S. S., Grover, H., Schwarz, L. F., & Cooper, J. T. (2014). Planning for Community Resilience. Island Press/Center for Resource Economics.
  • Meyer, M. A., Mitchell, B., Van Zandt, S., & Nolan, S. (2020). The 2016 Unexpected Mid-State Louisiana Flood: With Special Focus on the Different Rescue and Recovery Responses It Engendered. Louisiana's Response to Extreme Weather. 263-281. Springer International Publishing.
  • Zandt, S. V. (2020). A case for engaged research and practice. Engaged Research for Community Resilience to Climate Change. 13-25. Elsevier.
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  • Zandt, S. V., Masterson, J. H., Newman, G. D., & Meyer, M. A. (2020). Appendix. Engaged Research for Community Resilience to Climate Change. 193-200. Elsevier.
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  • Zandt, S. V. (2020). Conclusion-lessons and regrets. Engaged Research for Community Resilience to Climate Change. 179-191. Elsevier.
  • Masterson, J. H., & Zandt, S. V. (2020). Introduction: our global story. Engaged Research for Community Resilience to Climate Change. 3-11. Elsevier.
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Conference Papers1
  • Lee, S., Tabb, P., Rogers, J., Rybkowski, Z., & Van Zandt, S. (2016). The Impacts of Cost Determinism in Architectural Foundation Design Education: An Analysis of Foundation Design Studio. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences. 216, 923-932.
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