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His research centers on the areas of irrigation, farming systems, water quality, new crops and renewable energy. Dr. Lacewell also serves as the leader of federal relations for Texas A&M AgriLife, leading a team to address initiatives, partnering and acting as liaison to federal agencies and Congress.

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  • Goolsby, J. A., Moran, P. J., Racelis, A. E., Summy, K. R., Martinez Jimenez, M., Lacewell, R. D., Perez de Leon, A., & Kirk, A. A. (2016). Impact of the biological control agent Tetramesa romana (Hymenoptera: Eurytomidae) on Arundo donax (Poaceae: Arundinoideae) along the Rio Grande River in Texas. BIOCONTROL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. 26(1), 47-60.
  • Adusumilli, N., Lee, T., Rister, M. E., & Lacewell, R. D. (2014). The Economics of Mitigation of Water Pollution Externalities from Biomass Production for Energy. RESOURCES-BASEL. 3(4), 721-733.
  • Gao, X., Birt, A., Ree, B., Lee, N., Calixto, A., Lacewell, R., & Harris, M. (2013). Producer Adoption and Economic Impact in Texas of the Belt-Wide Pecan ipmPIPE Program. Southwestern Entomologist. 38(1), 1-17.
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  • Leidner, A. J., Rister, M. E., Lacewell, R. D., Woodard, J. D., & Sturdivant, A. W. (2012). An analysis of input choice, input prices, and environmental factors on the costs of seawater reverse osmosis systems. DESALINATION. 291, 48-55.
  • Leidner, A. J., Rister, M. E., Lacewell, R. D., & Sturdivant, A. W. (2011). The Water Market for the Middle and Lower Portions of the Texas Rio Grande Basin. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN WATER RESOURCES ASSOCIATION. 47(3), 597-610.
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Texas A&M Agrilife Research; Vice Chancellor Of Agriculture - Staff; 2124 TAMUS
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