Water/Wastewater Treatment Technologies, specialized in heavy metals and metalloids-impaired water treatment and nutrients removal; Environmental Remediation Technologies; Membrane-based Water Treatment Technologies; Mercury Emission Control Technology; Iron Chemistry for Environmental Applications; and Vadose-Zone Biogeochemistry

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  • Tang, C., Huang, Y. H., Zeng, H., & Zhang, Z. (2014). Promotion effect of Mn2+ and Co2+ on selenate reduction by zero-valent iron. Chemical Engineering Journal. 244, 97-104.
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  • Huang, Y. H., Peddi, P. K., Zeng, H., Tang, C., & Teng, X. (2013). Pilot-scale demonstration of the hybrid zero-valent iron process for treating flue-gas-desulfurization wastewater: part II.. Water Sci Technol. 67(2), 239-246.
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  • Huang, Y. H., Tang, C., & Zeng, H. (2012). Removing molybdate from water using a hybridized zero-valent iron/magnetite/Fe(II) treatment system. Chemical Engineering Journal. 200-202, 257-263.
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  • Huang, Y. H., Saiers, J. E., Harvey, J. W., Noe, G. B., & Mylon, S. (2008). Advection, dispersion, and filtration of fine particles within emergent vegetation of the Florida Everglades. Water Resources Research. 44(4),
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