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Academic Articles104
  • Kennedy, D. M., Wang, C., Wang, Y., & Shea, C. H. (2021). The influence of accuracy constraints on bimanual and unimanual sequence learning.. Neurosci Lett. 751, 135812-135812.
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  • Kennedy, D. M., Safdari, S., & Shea, C. H. (2019). Response biases: the influence of the contralateral limb and head position.. Exp Brain Res. 237(12), 3253-3264.
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  • Panzer, S., Haab, T., Massing, M., Pfeifer, C., & Shea, C. H. (2019). Dyad training protocols and the development of a motor sequence representation. 201, 102947-102947.
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  • Vieweg, J., Leinen, P., Verwey, W. B., Shea, C. H., & Panzer, S. (2019). The Cognitive Status of Older Adults: Do Reduced Time Constraints Enhance Sequence Learning?. 52(5), 1-12.
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  • Wang, C., Kennedy, D. M., Panzer, S., & Shea, C. H. (2018). Intentional Switching Between Bimanual Coordination Patterns.. J Mot Behav. 50(5), 538-556.
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  • Shea, C. H., Panzer, S., & Kennedy, D. M. (2016). Effector Transfer. Laterality in Sports. 179-203. Elsevier.
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Conference Papers84
  • Panzer, S., Pfeifer, C., Harenz, J., Bock, O., & Shea, C. H. (2021). Inter-Individual Differences in the Capability to Reduce Dual-Task Interference in Sequence Learning. 43, S41-S41.
  • Pfeifer, C., Shea, C. H., Bock, O., Haeger, M., & Panzer, S. (2021). The Role of Executive Functions: Single-Task vs. Dual-Task Training in Learning a Simple Movement Sequence. 43, S42-S42.
  • Panzer, S., Lindemann, H., & Shea, C. H. (2017). Effects of single-task practice of dual-task performance limitations in sequence learning. 39, S163-S164.
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