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My research is generally in the areas of web-scale information management, distributed data-intensive

systems, and social computing. Fundamentally, my overall research goal is to develop algorithms and

systems to enable efficient and trustworthy information sharing and knowledge discovery over dynamic,

heterogeneous, and massive-scale networked information systems.

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  • Knott, B. A., Gratch, J., Cangelosi, A., & Caverlee, J. (2018). ACM transactions on interactive intelligent systems (TIIS) special issue on trust and influence in intelligent human-machine interaction. ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems. 8(4), 1-3.
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  • Bahl, V., Carminati, B., Caverlee, J., Chen, I., Hsu, W., Ishida, T., ... Shyu, M. (2018). Editorial. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SERVICES COMPUTING. 11(1), 1-4.
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  • Yao, W., Dai, Z., Huang, R., & Caverlee, J. (2017). Online deception detection refueled by real world data collection. International Conference Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing, RANLP. 2017-September, 793-802.
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  • Song, Q., Ge, H., Caverlee, J., & Hu, X. (2017). Tensor Completion Algorithms in Big Data Analytics. abs/1711.10105,
  • Niu, W., Liu, Z., & Caverlee, J. (2016). On Local Expert Discovery via Geo-Located Crowds, Queries, and Candidates. ACM Transactions on Spatial Algorithms and Systems. 2(4), 1-24.
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  • Caverlee, J. (2015). Weaponized crowdsourcing: An emerging threat and potential countermeasures. Transparency in Social Media: Tools, Methods and Algorithms for Mediating Online Interactions. (pp. 51-66).
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  • Caverlee, J. (2013). Exploitation in human computation systems. Michelucci, P. (Eds.), Handbook of Human Computation. (pp. 837-845). Springer.
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  • Webb, S., Caverlee, J., & Pu, C. (2012). Granular computing system vulnerabilities: Exploring the dark side of social networking communities. Computational Complexity: Theory, Techniques, and Applications. (pp. 1433-1443).
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  • Caverlee, J. (2009). Data Dictionary.. Liu, L., & Özsu, M. T. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Database Systems. (pp. 570-571). Springer Us.
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  • Caverlee, J., Mitra, P., & Laarsgard, M. (2009). Dublin Core.. Liu, L., & Özsu, M. T. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Database Systems. (pp. 949-949). Springer Us.
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