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I am a neuroscientist, and though officially retired, am still active in teaching and research. My areas of interest include learning and memory, consciousness mechanisms, neuroscience and religion, and neuroscience education.

I have served on the official Editorial Boards of twelve scholarly journals, and editors of 45 re-search journals have asked him to peer review approximately 1,000 manuscripts. have authored over 250 peer-reviewed papers on a wide spectrum of topics ranging from molecular models of membrane function to human cognition. He has written 55 book chapters and has authored 21 books.

I maintain a science blog site, \"Improve Your Learning and Memory.\" I also write a blog for Psychology Today, whose editors have tagged many of my posts as \"essential reads.\" My blog posts have drawn over three million reader views. Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, designated me as one of their \"Distinguished Scientists,\" and Auburn University designated me as a \"Distinguished Alumnus.\" In recent years, I have been listed in successive editions of Marquis \"Who's Who in America,\" \"Who's Who in the World,\" and received the Marquis' Lifetime Achievement Award.

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  • Patel, A., Hartberg, Y., & Klemm, W. R. (2018). Influences of large state research university on student religious beliefs and practices. Religion and Education. 45(2), 129-154.
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  • Klemm, W. R. (2017). Accommodating religion to modern neuroscience. Mental Health, Religion and Culture. 20(1), 1-19.
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  • Klemm, W. R. (2011). Neural representations of the sense of self.. ADVANCES IN COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY. 7(1), 16-30.
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  • Klemm, W. R. (2011). Why does rem sleep occur? A wake-up hypothesis.. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience. 5(SEPTEMBER 2011), 73.
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  • Klemm, W. R. (2010). Free will debates: Simple experiments are not so simple. ADVANCES IN COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY. 6(6), 47-65.
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