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Academic Articles3
  • Chung, J., & Bernitsas, M. M. (1997). Hydrodynamic Memory Effect on Stability, Bifurcation, and Chaos of Two-Point Mooring Systems. Journal of Ship Research. 41(01), 26-44.
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  • Chung, J., & Bernitsas, M. M. (1992). Dynamics of Two-Line Ship Towing/Mooring Systems: Bifurcations, Singularities of Stability Boundaries, Chaos. Journal of Ship Research. 36(02), 123-140.
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  • Bernitsas, M. M., & Chung, J. (1990). Nonlinear stability and simulation of two-line ship towing and mooring. Applied Ocean Research. 12(2), 77-92.
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