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  • Song, H., Andreyeva, E., & David, G. (2022). Time Is the Wisest Counselor of All: The Value of Provider-Patient in Home Healthcare. MANAGEMENT SCIENCE. 68(1), 420-441.
  • Chi, W., Andreyeva, E., Zhang, Y., Kaushal, R., & Haynes, K. (2021). Neighborhood-level Social Determinants of Health Improve Prediction of Preventable Hospitalization and Emergency Department Visits Beyond Claims History.. Popul Health Manag. 24(6), 701-709.
  • Graves, R. L., Andreyeva, E., Perrone, J., Shofer, F. S., Merchant, R. M., & Meisel, Z. F. (2019). Naloxone Availability and Pharmacy Staff Knowledge of Standing Order for Naloxone in Pennsylvania Pharmacies.. J Addict Med. 13(4), 272-278.
  • Andreyeva, E., & Ukert, B. (2019). The Impact of Medical Marijuana Laws and Dispensaries on Self-Reported Health.. Forum Health Econ Policy. 22(2), 20190002.
  • Kondo, M. C., Andreyeva, E., South, E. C., MacDonald, J. M., & Branas, C. C (2018). Neighborhood Interventions to Reduce Violence.. Annu Rev Public Health. 39(1), 253-271.
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