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  • Wick, G., Andersson, L., Hala, K., Gershwin, M. E., Selmi, C., Erf, G. F., Lamont, S. J., & Sgonc, R. (2006). Avian Models with Spontaneous Autoimmune Diseases. Elsevier.
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  • Grant, P. R., Grant, B. R., Enbody, E. D., Andersson, L., & Lamichhaney, S. (2020). Darwin's Finches, An Iconic Adaptive Radiation. eLS. (pp. 672-682). Wiley.
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  • Andersson, L., Bed’hom, B., Chuong, C., Inaba, M., Okimoto, R., & Tixier-Boichard, M. (2020). The genetic basis for pigmentation phenotypes in poultry. Advances in poultry genetics and genomics. (pp. 67-106). Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing.
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  • Paterson, A. H., Andersson, L., Andersson, K., Andersson-Eklund, L., Edfors-Lilja, I., Ellegren, H., ... Marklund, L. (2019). Case History in Animal Improvement: Genetic Mapping of QTLs for Growth and Fatness in the Pig. Molecular Dissection of Complex Traits. (pp. 241-254). CRC Press.
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  • Andersson, L. (2012). Genetics of Animal Domestication. Biodiversity in Agriculture. (pp. 260-274). Cambridge University Press.
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  • Andersson, L., & Plastow, G. (2011). Molecular genetics of coat colour variation. The Genetics of the Pig: Second Edition. (pp. 38-50).
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