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  • Stephenson, D. G., & Brown, A. L. (2021). Playing the field in all-pay auctions. Experimental Economics. 24(2), 489-514.
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  • Brown, A. L., Imai, T., Vieider, F., & Camerer, C. (2021). Meta-Analysis of Empirical Estimates of Loss-Aversion. CESifo Working Paper. (8848),
  • Lin, P., Brown, A. L., Imai, T., Wang, J., Wang, S. W., & Camerer, C. F. (2020). Evidence of general economic principles of bargaining and trade from 2,000 classroom experiments.. Nat Hum Behav. 4(9), 917-927.
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  • Lovallo, D., Brown, A. L., Teece, D. J., & Bardolet, D. (2020). Resource re‐allocation capabilities in internal capital markets: The value of overcoming inertia. Strategic Management Journal. 41(8), 1365-1380.
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  • Brown, A. L. (2015). asymmetric information. Augier, M., & Teece, D. J. (Eds.), The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management. 5-5. Palgrave MacMillan.
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