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  • Stranges, A. (2017). Science Changed the World, 2nd Ed.. Kendall Hunt Publishing.
  • Stranges, A. (2015). Science Changed the World. Kendall Hunt Publishing.
  • Stranges, A. (2015). Technological Transformation of Gilded Age America. Kendall Hunt Publishing.
  • Stranges, A. (2014). Transforming America. Kendal Hunt Publishing.
  • Stranges, A. N. (2007). A History of the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis in Germany 1926–45. ZEOLITES AND RELATED MICROPOROUS MATERIALS: STATE OF THE ART 1994. Davis, B. H., & Occelli, M. L. (Eds.), Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, Catalyst and Catalysis. (pp. 1-27). Elsevier.
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  • Stranges, A. (2000). Germany’s synthetic fuel industry, 1927–1945. Lesch, J. E. (Eds.), The German Chemical Industry in the Twentieth Century. (pp. 147-216). Springer Netherlands.
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  • STRANGES, A. N. (1984). Synthetic Petroleum from High-Pressure Coal Hydrogenation. Chemistry and Modern Society. (pp. 21-42). AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY.
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