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Associate Professor of the Practice

Politics of economic reform, institutional capacity, development cooperation, reform of the state,

research-policy linkages, and the role of politics and governance in development. Particular interests

currently include open government initiatives, participatory processes in public policy, and health

care service delivery capacity at community level.

selected publications
Academic Articles3
  • Hilderbrand, M., & Grindle, M. S. (2011). Through the Glass Darkly: Reflecting on Bolivia. ReVista: Harvard Review of Latin America. (Fall), 6-8.
  • Hilderbrand, M., & Grindle, M (1995). Intervening to Build Public Sector Capacity: When? Where? How?. International Journal of Technical Cooperation. 1(2),
  • Grindle, M. S., & Hilderbrand, M. E (1995). Building sustainable capacity in the public sector: What can be done?. Public Administration and Development. 15(5), 441-463.
  • Friedberg, E., & Hilderbrand, M. E. (2017). Observing Policy-Making in Indonesia. Springer Singapore.
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  • Hilderbrand, M. E. (2017). Highlights and Reflections on Policy-Making in Indonesia. Observing Policy-Making in Indonesia. 13-17. Springer Singapore.
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  • Loya, V., & Hilderbrand, M. E. (2012). La poltica pblica del proceso de reforma gubernamental en Mxico. Angel, M., Loya, V., & Hilderbrand, M. E. (Eds.), Transformacin, lo mismo de siempre, o progreso lento y con tropiezos?Reformas recientes al sector pblico en Mxico. Miguel Angel Porrua.
  • Hilderbrand, M. E. (2002). Capacity Building for Poverty Reduction: Reflections on Evaluations of UN System Efforts. Maconick, R. (Eds.), Capacity-building for Poverty Eradication Analysis Of, and Lessons From, Evaluations of UN System Support to Countries' Efforts. 38-64. United Nations Publications.
  • Hilderbrand, M. (2002). Capacity building. Kirkpatrick, C., Clarke, R., & Polidano, C. (Eds.), Handbook on Development Policy and Management. 323-332. Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • Hilderbrand, M. E. (2002). Overview: Meeting the Capacity Development Challenge: Lessons for Improving Technical Cooperation. Browne, S. (Eds.), Developing Capacity Through Technical Cooperation Country Experiences. 15-36. Earthscan Publications Ltd.
Repository Documents / Preprints2
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  • Hilderbrand, M., Salazar, S., & Fernandez, J (2016). Opportunities for U.S.-Latin American Cooperation, 2016-2020: Session 3.
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