Development of an Advanced Shock Tube Charging System for Studying Combustion Properties of Liquid GTL Fuels | Grant individual record
date/time interval
2019 - 2020
In this UREP project, a new aerosol injection process will be developed for filling the test section of a shock tube facility, which will be used to investigate combustion properties of liquid GTL (gas-to-liquids) fuels. A shock tube facility is commonly used for fundamental research of combustion kinetics of gaseous fuels. To study liquid GTL fuels in a shock tube, the fuel needs to be vaporized. One way to accomplished uniform evaporation of liquid fuels is to aerosolize the liquid fuel and introduce the fuel droplets into the shock tube test section. The droplets become fuel vapor when the shock wave passes through the shock tube test section, and hence enable the shock tube study of combustion kinetics. There are only a handful of shock tube facilities around the world that have the aerosol capability. A key requirement for the aerosol approach is to fill the shock tube test section uniformly with fuel droplets. The aerosol injection process to be used in this study is unique compared to the state-of-the-art design. This study will focus on the design and operating parameters that lead to satisfactory aerosol uniformity.