My research interest lies in the area of wearable computer design and signal processing.

selected publications
Academic Articles55
  • Dabiri, F., Massey, T., Nahapetian, A., Sarrafzadeh, M., & Jafari, R. (2017). Lightweight embedded systems. Digital Design and Fabrication. (pp. 16-1-16-20). CRC Press.
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  • Nathan, V., Thomas, S. S., & Jafari, R. (2016). Smart watches for physiological monitoring: A case study on blood pressure measurement. Anticipation and Medicine. (pp. 231-252). Springer International Publishing.
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  • Ghasemzadeh, H., & Jafari, R. (2015). Power-aware communication in body area networks. Ambient Assisted Living. (pp. 203-224). CRC Press.
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  • Ghasemzadeh, H., & Jafari, R. (2015). Ultra low-power hardware-assisted signal screening in wearable systems. Smart Sensors, Measurement and Instrumentation. (pp. 81-106). Springer International Publishing.
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  • Loseu, V., Wu, J., & Jafari, R. (2014). Mining Techniques for Body Sensor Network Data Repository. Wearable Sensors: Fundamentals, Implementation and Applications. (pp. 383-407). Elsevier.
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Conference Papers125
  • Jafari, R., Dabiri, F., Choi, B. K., & Sarrafzadeh, M. (2005). Efficient placement and routing in grid-based networks. 1, 899-900.
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  • Jafari, R., Memik, S. O., & Sarrafzadeh, M. (2005). Quick reconfiguration in clustered micro-sequencer. 2005,
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  • Jafari, R., Encarnacao, A., Zahoory, A., Dabiri, F., Noshadi, H., & Sarrafzadeh, M. (2005). Wireless sensor networks for health monitoring. 479-481.
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  • Wong, J. L., Jafari, R., & Potkonjak, M. (2004). Gateway placement for latency and energy efficient data aggregation. 490-497.
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  • Memik, S. O., Memik, G., Jafari, R., & Kursun, E. (2003). Global resource sharing for synthesis of control data flow graphs on FPGAs. PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2019 56TH ACM/EDAC/IEEE DESIGN AUTOMATION CONFERENCE (DAC). 604-609.
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