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  • Baranov, A., Belov, Y., & Poltoratski, A. (2017). De Branges functions of Schroedinger equations. Collectanea Mathematica. 68(2), 251-263.
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  • Nevai, P., Poltoratski, A. G., & Suetin, S. P. (2017). FROM THE EDITORS OF THIS ISSUE. SBORNIK MATHEMATICS. 208(3), 311-311.
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  • Mitkovski, M., & Poltoratski, A. (2015). On the determinacy problem for measures. INVENTIONES MATHEMATICAE. 202(3), 1241-1267.
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  • Poltoratski, A. (2013). A problem on completeness of exponentials. The Annals of Mathematics. 178(3), 983-1016.
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  • Abakumov, E., Liaw, C., & Poltoratski, A. (2013). Cyclicity in rank-1 perturbation problems. JOURNAL OF THE LONDON MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY-SECOND SERIES. 88(2), 523-537.
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  • Makarov, N., & Poltoratski, A. (2005). Meromorphic Inner Functions, Toeplitz Kernels and the Uncertainty Principle. Benedicks, M., Jones, P. W., Smirnov, S., & Winckler, B. (Eds.), Perspectives in Analysis. (pp. 185-252). Springer-Verlag.
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  • del Rio, R., Fuentes, S., & Poltoratski, A. (2002). Families of Spectral Measures with Mixed Types. Albeverio, S., Elander, N., Everitt, W. N., & Kurasov, P. (Eds.), Operator Methods in Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations. (pp. 131-140). Birkhäuser Basel.
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  • Poltoratski, A. (2001). Integral representations and uniqueness sets for star-invariant subspaces. Borichev, A. A., & Nikolski, N. K. (Eds.), Systems, Approximation, Singular Integral Operators, and Related Topics. (pp. 425-443). Birkhäuser Basel.
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  • del Rio, R., & Poltoratski, A. (1999). Spectral Measures and Category. Dittrich, J., Exner, P., & Tater, M. (Eds.), Mathematical Results in Quantum Mechanics. (pp. 149-159). Birkhäuser Basel.
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