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  • Arel-Bundock, V., Peinhardt, C., & Pond, A. (2020). Political Risk Insurance: A New Firm-level Data Set. JOURNAL OF CONFLICT RESOLUTION. 64(5), 987-1006.
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  • Pond, A., & Zafeiridou, C. (2020). The Political Importance of Financial Performance. American Journal of Political Science. 64(1), 152-168.
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  • Betz, T., & Pond, A. (2019). Foreign Financing and the International Sources of Property Rights. World Politics. 71(3), 503-541.
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  • Betz, T., & Pond, A. (2019). The Absence of Consumer Interests in Trade Policy. Journal of Politics. 81(2), 585-600.
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  • Pond, A. (2018). Financial Liberalization: Stable Autocracies and Constrained Democracies. COMPARATIVE POLITICAL STUDIES. 51(1), 105-135.
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