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The principal focus of my research and extension deals with the management of diseases associated with turfgrass, rice, and soybean. Studies have been conducted to develop molecular identification methods of causal pathogens and to improve cultural and chemical strategies to manage diseases in the field.

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Academic Articles26
  • Gaire, S. P., Zhou, X., Jo, Y., & Shi, J. (2020). First Report of Rhizoctonia solani AG-4 Causing Seedling Disease in Rice. Plant Disease. 104(5), 1546-1546.
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  • Jochum, M., Moncayo, L. P., & Jo, Y. (2018). Microalgal cultivation for biofertilization in rice plants using a vertical semi-closed airlift photobioreactor.. PLoS One. 13(9), e0203456-e0203456.
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  • Bock, C. H., Oliver, J. E., Chen, C., Hotchkiss, M. H., Stevenson, K. L., Wang, X., ... Randall, J. J. (2018). Pecan Bacterial Leaf Scorch, Caused by Xylella fastidiosa, Is Endemic in Georgia Pecan Orchards. Plant Health Progress. 19(4), 284-287.
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  • Hilton, A. E., Jo, Y., Cervantes, K., Stamler, R. A., Randall, J. J., French, J. M., ... Grauke, L. J. (2017). First Report of Pecan Bacterial Leaf Scorch Caused by Xylella fastidiosa in Pecan (Carya illinoinensis) in Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Texas. Plant Disease. 101(11), 1949-1949.
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Conference Papers5
  • Gaire, S. P., Shi, J., Jo, Y. K., & Zhou, X. G. (2019). Fungal pathogens associated with rice seedling disease in the Southern United States. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 109(10), 130-130.
  • Davis, R., Jo, Y. K., & Chappell, T. (2019). Unsupervised learning for efficient detection of plant disease through low altitude remote sensing. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 109(10), 26-26.
  • Zidek, M., & Jo, Y. K. (2015). Population diversity of Gaeumannomyces graminis var. graminis from St. Augustinegrass in Texas. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 105(11), 160-160.
  • Jo, Y. K., Staack, D., Roh, J., & Shin, D. B. (2014). A novel plasma seed treatment for a rice seedborne fungal pathogen. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 104(5), 5-5.
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Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service; Plant Pathology & Microbiology; 2132 TAMUS
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