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  • Layne, C., & Thayer, B. A. (2006). American empire: A debate.
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  • Layne, C. (2017). The sound of distant thunder: The pre-world war i anglo-german rivalry as a model for sino-american relations in the early twenty-first century. Will China's Rise be Peaceful?: The Rise of a Great Power in Theory, History, Politics, and the Future. (pp. 123-142).
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  • Layne, C. (2013). Grand Strategy. Lynch, T. J. (Eds.), The Oxford Encyclopedia of American Military and Diplomatic History. Oxford University Press.
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  • Layne, C. (2013). The real post-American world: The pax America’s end and the future of world politics. Debating a Post-American World: What Lies Ahead?. (pp. 41-46).
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  • Layne, C. (2010). The unbearable lightness of soft power. Soft Power and US Foreign Policy: Theoretical, Historical and Contemporary Perspectives. (pp. 51-82).
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  • Layne, C. (2006). Reply to Bradley Thayer: The illusion of the American empire. Layne, C., & Thayer, B. A. (Eds.), American Empire: A Debate. (pp. 121-137). Routledge.
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