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Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
selected publications
Academic Articles1
  • Obasa, K., Adesemoye, A., Obasa, R., Moraga‐Amador, D., Shinogle, H., Alvarez, S., & Kelley, K. (2020). Endohyphal bacteria associated with virulence, increased expression of fumonisin biosynthetic genes, and production of fumonisin and macroconidia inFusarium fujikuroiW343. Plant Pathology. 69(1), 87-100.
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Conference Papers3
  • Obasa, K., Adesemoye, A. O., Obasa, R., Moraga-Amador, D., Shinogle, H., Kelley, K., & Alvarez, S (2020). Endobacteria of Fusarium fujikuroi W343 affects host virulence, macroconidia and fumonisin production, and expression of fumonisin biosynthetic genes. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 110(12), 168-169.
  • Woodhall, J., Rodriguez-Salamanca, L. M., Moll, M., Bomberger, R. A., Bec, S., Bush, E. A., ... Mollov, D (2020). National Plant Diagnostic Network protocols and validation committee: Facilitating technology transfer from researchers to diagnosticians. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 110(12), 95-95.
  • Zhang, P., Huguet-Tapia, J. C., Obasa, K., Peng, Z., & White, F. F (2019). A hitchhiker bacterium on the Rhizoctonia highway. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 109(10), 28-28.
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