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  • Li, H., & Pati, D. (2017). Variable selection using shrinkage priors. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis. 107, 107-119.
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  • Bhattacharya, A., Dunson, D. B., Pati, D., & Pillai, N. S. (2016). Sub-optimality of some continuous shrinkage priors. Stochastic Processes and their Applications. 126(12), 3828-3842.
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  • Zhang, Z., Pati, D., & Srivastava, A. (2015). Bayesian clustering of shapes of curves. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference. 166, 171-186.
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  • Tang, Y., Sinha, D., Pati, D., Lipsitz, S., & Lipshultz, S. (2015). Bayesian partial linear model for skewed longitudinal data. Biostatistics. 16(3), 441-453.
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  • Pati, D., & Bhattacharya, A. (2015). Adaptive Bayesian inference in the Gaussian sequence model using exponential-variance priors. Statistics & Probability Letters. 103, 100-104.
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  • Zhang, Z., Pati, D., & Srivastava, A. (2015). Bayesian Shape Clustering. Nonparametric Bayesian Inference in Biostatistics. (pp. 57-75). Springer International Publishing.
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