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My primary areas of focus are developing educational outreach and applied research programs involving water resource management, including water conservation, water quality and aquatic ecosystems, watershed protection planning, and groundwater and private water well protection. Investigations concern identifying, evaluating and mitigating bacteria and nutrient loading to streams. Outreach includes developing and delivering educational programs involving supporting source water protection for residents using drinking water wells and facilitating community-driven watershed planning efforts. Program areas are aquatic ecosystems; drinking water and public health; water and wastewater treatment; and water quality and watershed protection.

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  • Pieper, K. J., Jones, C. N., Rhoads, W. J., Rome, M., Gholson, D. M., Katner, A., Boellstorff, D. E., & Beighley, R. E (2021). Microbial Contamination of Drinking Water Supplied by Private Wells after Hurricane Harvey.. Environ Sci Technol. 55(12), 8382-8392.
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  • Gilliland, A. E., Gholson, D. M., Boellstorff, D. E., Pieper, K. J., Straif-Bourgeois, S., & Katner, A (2020). Natural Disaster Emergency Response to Private Well User Needs: Evaluation of a Pilot Outreach Approach. JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH. 83(2), 16-24.
  • Gitter, A., Mena, K., Wagner, K., Boellstorff, D., Borel, K., Gregory, L., Gentry, T., & Karthikeyan, R. (2020). Human Health Risks Associated with Recreational Waters: Preliminary Approach of Integrating Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment with Microbial Source Tracking. Water. 12(2), 327-327.
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  • Gholson, D. M., Boellstorff, D. E., Cummings, S. R., Wagner, K. L., & Dozier, M. C. (2019). A Survey of Public Perceptions and Attitudes about Water Availability Following Exceptional Drought in Texas. Journal of Contemporary Water Research & Education. (1), 1-11.
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  • Gholson, D. M., Boellstorff, D. E., Cummings, S. R., Wagner, K. L., & Dozier, M. C (2018). Outreach Preferences for Water Resource Information from Extension and Other Sources. Natural Sciences Education. 47(1), 180001-180001.
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