My research program specializes in water resources and salinity management. Current projects include developing alternative water sources (industrial and urban wastewater, saline groundwater and graywater) for beneficial uses including irrigation, evaluation of electromagnetic induction (EMI) for rapid assessment of salinity at a high spatial resolution, on-farm water conservation, and soil salinity management. To date his program has trained 4 technicians and 22 part-time undergraduate students. His program has established strong collaborations with local growers, water managers and fellow researchers within and outside West Texas region as well as international institution.

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  • Chaganti, V. N., Ganjegunte, G., Niu, G., Ulery, A., Enciso, J. M., Flynn, R., Meki, N., & Kiniry, J. R. (2021). Yield response of canola as a biofuel feedstock and soil quality changes under treated urban wastewater irrigation and soil amendment application. Industrial Crops and Products. 170, 113659-113659.
  • Chaganti, V. N., Ganjegunte, G., Meki, M. N., Kiniry, J. R., & Niu, G. (2021). Switchgrass biomass yield and composition and soil quality as affected by treated wastewater irrigation in an arid environment. Biomass and Bioenergy. 151, 106160-106160.
  • Chaganti, V. N., Ganjegunte, G., Somenahally, A., Hargrove, W. L., Ulery, A., Enciso, J. M., & Flynn, R. (2021). Response of soil organic carbon and soil health indicators to treated wastewater irrigation in bioenergy sorghum production on an arid soil. Land Degradation & Development. 32(6), 2197-2209.
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  • Hooks, T., Niu, G., Masabni, J., Sun, Y., & Ganjegunte, G. (2021). Performance and Phytochemical Content of 22 Pomegranate (Punica granatum) Varieties. HortScience. 56(2), 217-225.
  • Poulose, T., Kumar, S., & Ganjegunte, G. K. (2021). Robust crop water simulation using system dynamic approach for participatory modeling. Environmental Modelling & Software. 135, 104899-104899.
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  • Ganjegunte, G., & Clark, J. (2019). Causes and Management of Root-zone Salinity and Sodicity in the Arid West Texas: Field-scale Experience. Research Developments in Saline Agriculture. 307-330. Springer Singapore.
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  • Vance, G. F., & Ganjegunte, G. K. (2010). Utilization of coalbed natural gas water: Issues, implications, and management. Coalbed Natural Gas: Energy and Environment. 303-336.
Conference Papers10
  • Enciso, J., Jifon, J., Ribera, L., & Ganjegunte, G. K. (2015). Water use efficiency of energy sorghum in South Texas. Joint ASABE/IA Irrigation Symposium 2015: Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Irrigation. 663-673.
  • Ganjegunte, G., & Braun, R. (2010). Application of electromagnetic induction technique for soil salinity and sodicity appraisal. 2010 International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Applications, 2010 International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Applications (ICEEA). 277-280.
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  • Stahl, P. D., Wick, A. F., Ganjegunte, G., Norton, U., & Ingram, L. J. (2009). Redevelopment of soil carbon pools on reclaimed surface mine lands. 26th Annual Meetings of the American Society of Mining and Reclamation and 11th Billings Land Reclamation Symposium 2009. 3, 1327-1349.
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  • Johnston, C. R., Vance, G. F., & Ganjegunte, G. (2007). Changes in soil physical and chemical properties of a cropland irrigated with CBNG co-produced water. American Society of Mining and Reclamation - 24th National Meetings of the American Society of Mining and Reclamation 2007: 30 Years of SMCRA and Beyond. 2, 882-904.
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