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Research interests are in the epidemiology and management of rice and bioenergy crop diseases. Research activities center on rice sheath blight, bacterial panicle blight, narrow brown leaf spot, blast, the seedling disease complex and other diseases important in Texas and other southern states. Studies are conducted to better understand disease incidence and severity in response to changes in population genetics of pathogens, rice varieties, environmental conditions, cultural practices, and fungicide use. Current research projects include evaluating and identifying disease resistance, exploiting beneficial microorganisms and cover crops for biocontrol of diseases, and evaluating the impacts of fungicides on disease epidemics and grain yield and quality for main and ratoon (second) crops. The ultimate goal of my basic and applied research program is to develop effective disease management tools and to provide economically and environmentally sound disease management recommendations for rice production.

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  • Zhou, X. (2019). Sustainable Strategies for Managing Bacterial Panicle Blight in Rice. Jia, Y. (Eds.), Protecting Rice Grains in the Post-Genomic Era. IntechOpen.
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  • Singh, V., Zhou, S., Ganie, Z., Valverde, B., Avila, L., Marchesan, E., ... Bagavathiannan, M. (2017). Rice production in the Americas. Rice Production Worldwide. (pp. 137-168). Springer International Publishing.
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