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Academic Articles10
  • Zimmer, W. K., & Matthews, S. D (2022). A virtual coaching model of professional development to increase teachers' digital learning competencies. Teaching and Teacher Education. 109, 103544-103544.
  • Zimmer, W. K., Chang, C., Semma, B. M., & Fowler, D (2021). Developing Graduate Writing Habits and Skills: Establishing Writing Sessions with STEM Graduate Students. College Teaching. 1-12.
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  • Zimmer, W. K., & Keiper, P (2021). Redesigning curriculum at the higher education level: challenges and successes within a sport management program. Educational Action Research. 29(2), 276-291.
  • Zimmer, W. K., McTigue, E. M., & Matsuda, N (2021). Development and validation of the teachers’ digital learning identity survey. International Journal of Educational Research. 105, 101717-101717.
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  • Patterson, C. A., Zimmer, W. K., Patterson, M. S., & Meyer, A. R (2021). “I Thee Pledge”: Exploring Student Fan Identity with Sportsmanship Pledge Values. The International Journal of Sport and Society. 12(1), 175-189.
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  • Zimmer, W. K., & Hodges, T. S (2021). Pandemic Pages. Amy W. Thornburg, .., Robert J. Ceglie, .., & Dixie F. Abernathy, .. (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Lessons Learned From Transitioning to Virtual Classrooms During a Pandemic. 225-246. IGI Global.
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