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  • Barr, A. C., & Dee, T. S. (2016). PROPERTY TAXES AND POLITICIANS: EVIDENCE FROM SCHOOL BUDGET ELECTIONS. National Tax Journal. 69(3), 517-544.
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  • Barr, A. (2015). From the Battlefield to the Schoolyard. Journal of Human Resources. (3), 580-613.
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  • Barr, A., & Turner, S. (2015). Out of work and into school: Labor market policies and college enrollment during the Great Recession. Journal of Public Economics. 63-73.
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  • Barr, A., & Turner, S. E (2013). Expanding Enrollments and Contracting State Budgets. The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. 650(1), 168-193.
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